Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Assessments(1)

Lot Size(2)

Debt Service per Unit

O&M Per Unit

Special Recreation Assmt Per Unit(3)

FY18 Total

Increase/(Decrease) in Assmt

Increase/(Decrease) in Assmt (%)

50 Feet$800$529.42$0.00$1,329.42($145.00)(9.83%)
60 Feet$950$628.60$0.00$1,578.60($145.00)(8.41%)
70 Feet$1,120$741.32$0.00$1,861.32($145.00)(7.23%)
80 Feet$1,360$900.00$0.00$2,260.00($145.00)(6.03%)
90 Feet$1,520$1,006.00$0.00$2,526.00($145.00)(5.43%)
100 Feet$1,700$1,123.27$0.00$2,823.27($145.00)(4.89%)


(1)Annual Assessments are adjusted for collection costs and early payment discounts of 8%
(2)Single Family
(3)Figure is based on 752 units, as currently contemplated upon completion of the development, and
relates to the completion of a community amenity center